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ACO Freestyle bespoke gratings help deliver an aesthetic surface water drainage solution for a town centre upgrade

ACO Freestyle bespoke grating solution help reinforce Itzhoe’s unique identity in the pedestrianised area.

Granary Square

ACO MultiDrain Brickslot meets aesthetic, hydraulic and loading requirements at Granary Square, London

A bespoke reduced height Brickslot was developed to meet specific
requirements around the fountain.

Cutty Sark

ACO Qmax provides a discreet, seamless drainage solution at the historic public area around the Cutty Sark

ACO Qmax with Q-Slot edge rails and ACO MultiDrain MD channel drainage system provide discreet drainage solutions across the public area.


Westfield shopping centre uses bespoke surface drainage system to meet build specification for this project.

Quality bespoke low profile products meet exact high build specification and design remit at the Westfield retail and leisure complex

Stratford High Street

ACO MultiDrain drainage plays its part in a value-engineered drainage scheme Stratford town regeneration.

Performance & aesthetic requirements in the defined trafficked areas were met with 2 widths and grates of ACO MultiDrain

Shopping Centre Germany

RONDO: Shopping Centre, Rendsburg

ACO products used over 38,000 m2 area

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