Sports Drainage Drainage and stadia solutions for sporting facilities, stadia and arenas

ACO Sport is a division of the ACO Group, which has been providing top-class drainage and stadia solutions for sporting facilities, stadia and arenas for many years. Since 1972, ACO Sport systems have been installed in Olympic stadia all over the world and are designed to maximise athletic sporting performance.

ACO Sport drainage solutions can be found in venues of all sizes, from football stadia, sports and golf clubs to school playing fields. They are equipped with a full range of drainage systems to support the areas of track and field, sports pitches and buildings and access points.

Sports drainage sections

Track and field

Slot Channels are a discrete flush-installed drainage solution that ring around running tracks with radius and straight components. The freezing of standing water on the synthetic surface, as well as sediments, debris and pollutants, can all increase the rate of surface deterioration. ACO Slot Channels help prolong the life of running tracks as well as improve the conditions for athletes.

Additionally, Sport Slot Channels can be fitted with ACO Curbing, covers that can be easily installed and removed depending on the event, and that can act as a marker to map the inside edges of running tracks.

In the field area, ACO has a range of rubber-capped Sport Kerbstones, designed to protect against injury and to provide a boundary system. They can also be used as a safe solution in children’s play areas and school playing fields.

Sport Sand Capture is a specialist long jump and triple jump solution. Made from polymer concrete with a perforated rubber mat, the tray surrounds the sand jump area and keeps the sand off adjacent track surfaces.

Sports pitches

ACO has a range of solutions for sports pitches and the surrounding areas as well as products to support sub-pitch drainage systems. Stadium MK, home of the MK Dons Football Club, has 450 metres of ACO MultiDrain M100D, fitted with a HeelguardTM composite grating, which drains water from the hard-standing areas of the pitch perimeter.

Sub-pitch drainage systems can be fed into ACO StormBrixx, a flexible geocellular stormwater management system that can be stacked in various size combinations dependent on site requirements. ACO Q-Brake Vortex Flow Control can be combined with ACO StormBrixx and ACO Swale Inlets to further control the flow rate into the water course.

Grassed playing surfaces are often subjected to extreme wear, and at Faversham Golf Club, ACO GroundGuard has been used to repair key areas of the surface. The modular grid system promotes natural grass growth, stabilises the soil condition and improves surface water drainage.

Buildings and access

ACO has a wide range of drainage solutions for sports building and access areas leading up to sports facilities. The ACO Building Drainage division used its stainless steel expertise at the London 2012 Aquatics Centre to laser cut around 600m of drainage channels and heel-safe gratings for its changing rooms.

TSG 1899 Hoffenheim, a football club in Germany’s top division, the Bundesliga, has addressed the aesthetic with stainless steel grated MultiDrain MD in its entrances and approaches, demonstrating that first impressions matter.

Access areas with pedestrians and traffic demands are met with the Monoblock PD, with a D 400 load-class strength and non-grated monocast design.  Another alternative is the discrete Brickslot grating available on MultiDrain MD and Multiline Sealin, which offers a more aesthetic solution to areas around sporting facilities.

We can assist you

The ACO Design Services Team is able to work closely with you through the entire design process in the Sport sector. We also offer design surface software for you to make your own calculations and stadium track drainage layouts for efficient delivery of your project.