Industrial drainage We provide comprehensive drainage solutions for large and small sites

From small manufacturing sites to large industrial parks, ACO provides comprehensive drainage solutions to enable the continuing operation of industrial areas.

Whether it is the sturdy H Range to cope with HGV traffic, or ACO StormBrixx to manage attenuation on-site, ACO supports water management solutions across HGV, loading, spillage and containment areas within industrial locations.

Industrial drainage solutions

HGV trafficked areas

The load-bearing capabilities of ACO S Range, H range and Qmax are specifically designed to withstand the strains from HGV traffic within industrial sites. With an F 900 load class, these channels can withstand heavyweight loads while still allowing high-performance surface water drainage across the hard standing areas.

ACO KerbDrain, a D 400 load class combined kerb and drainage product, has a wide range of accessories to demarcate site roads, car parking areas and other trafficked places in industrial sites.

Loading areas

In Mansfield Brick’s manufacturing facility in Nottinghamshire, high-capacity ACO Qmax was chosen in the loading area, as it reduced the number of runs required while allowing a very shallow fall pavement to be cast. This fulfilled the health and safety requirements to keep the pavement as level as possible.

Spillage and containment areas

Polluted water runoff in industrial spillage and containment areas can be managed by ACO QuadraCeptor, which is an effective cleaning solution that removes heavy particles, silt, nutrients and dissolved materials, such as heavy metals.

Kybotech’s timber processing facility in Nottinghamshire uses silt tunnels fitted to ACO StormBrixx to remove solid debris carried from the yard surface. ACO StormBrixx’s flexible geocellular construction meant it could be accommodated in the restricted low-lying conditions close to the water table.

How we can assist you

The ACO Design Services Team is able to work closely with you through the entire design process in the industrial sector. We also offer design surface software for you to make your own calculations, as well as BIM product files to support the latest efficient project delivery methods.

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