MultiDrain MD SuDS Infiltration Outlet

SuDS distribution system for rain gardens and bioretention

The ACO SuDS Infiltration Channel Outlet is a distribution system which prevents erosion and localised ponding of water in SuDS installations. The Outlets can be used in conjunction ACO MultiDrain MD channels. 

ACO’s MultiDrain® channels can be utilised in pedestrian and trafficked areas, to convey water direct to SuDS features.

As well as being the main collection point, drainage channels can be used to prevent water sheeting down pedestrian walkways or to even transfer water from downpipes. 

Connecting the channel outlet to a 80mm perforated pipe allows water to be distributed at a high level, allowing the water to infiltrate effectively through the SuDS feature.

ACO offers three stainless steel channel connectors for M100, M150 and M200 channels, making the connection of channels to perforated pipe quick and easy.


  • Three stainless steel channel connectors for M100, M150 and M200 channels


  • Reduces localised erosion and ponding during high rainfall events
  • Small rainfall events are dispersed evenly for improved irrigation of plants
  • Three stage debris and silt collection for easy maintenance
  • Quick and easy installation

Recommended Applications

  • Channel connection to rain gardens, bioretention areas and to filter drains
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ACO MultiDrain MD is a high strength channel drainage system designed to provide an economical solution for the efficient removal of surface water.

Certified to Load Class D 400, the system is suitable for use in a wide range of applications including commercial and residential developments, pedestrian precincts, landscaping and parking areas for all vehicle types.

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