MicroDrainage conduit files Download ACO conduit files below

MicroDrainage tests drainage designs against extreme weather events and allows for climate change; giving designers, engineers, approvers and auditors confidence in the safety, effectiveness and efficiency of drainage systems, today and in the future.

The ACO MicroDrainage conduit file includes conduit models for:

You can model the channels using these conduits ensuring that the invert levels are entered as a fixed distance below cover levels.  Other ACO channels can be modelled using the standard Micro Drainage model for a U-shaped channel, again fixing the invert level at a fixed distance below the ground levels.

The Q-Brake Vortex Flow Control product is embedded in MicroDrainage, and channels can be modelled in MicroDrainage using ACO’s Conduit file, which can be downloaded below:

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How to use the Conduit file in Micro Drainage

This datasheet explains how to use the ACO Conduit file in Micro Drainage.

Modelling ACO channels in Micro Drainage

This datasheet explains how to Model ACO channels in Micro Drainage.

ACO Conduit Files

ACO Conduit Files includes: Qmax, MonoDrain, KerbDrain, MultiDrain, RoadDrain, S Range

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