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ACO KerbDrain and SuDs Swale inlets used in A12 bypass installation creating sustainable highways drainage solution.

Combined SuDs solutions collect surface water and control the release into the roadside swales.


ACO KerbDrain provide fast, efficient drainage along various points of the A453 newly widened carriageway.

With design and cost a major consideration for this project, ACO worked with both the engineer and contractor to ensure targets were met.

Layton District Blackpool

ACO KerbDrain & RoadDrain help alleviate sustainability threatened by traffic & safety barriers in Blackpool.

ACO KerbDrain and ACO RoadDrain create a 'shared space' demarking boundaries between pedestrian walkways and vehicle carriageways.

Buckshaw Village

ACO KerbDrain used to remove standing water from new access road to landmark housing development in Chorley

By selecting the shallow invert ACO KerbDrain 305 system, designers were able to minimise the depth of swale required at Buckshaw village.

Connecting Derby

ACO KerbDrain provides solution for Derby city centre transport improvement scheme to complete inner ring road.

High installation rate minimises disruption at busy junctions and creates seamless kerb line incorporating bus stops & pedestrian crossings.


ACO KerbDrain provides a highway drainage system meeting performance and environmental project targets in Surrey

ACO KerbDrain® helps meet tough environmental and low-carbon construction targets and meets Highways agency performance standards.

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