Parking Drainage Car parking drainage solutions to meet the surface water runoff

ACO provides comprehensive car parking drainage solutions to meet the surface water runoff, load class and pollutant challenges of the sector. ACO applications include residential parking, commercial car parks, parking decks, HGV parking areas and petrol station forecourts.

Whether it is channel runs of ACO MultiDrain MD for public parking, ACO Qmax for the high dynamic forces of HGV parking areas, or ACO Q-Ceptor, with hydrocarbon bypass separator technology, for dealing with contaminated water runoff, ACO products are equipped to meet the specifications for car parking drainage.

Parking drainage solutions

Public parking areas

The impermeable surfaces of public parking areas creates a significant volume of surface water runoff, that channel drainage solutions such as ACO MultiDrain MD and Multiline Sealin both address. For larger commercial car parks, high-capacity ACO Qmax is the ideal solution for surface water management, with additional attenuation capabilities in the larger sizes.

ACO products can be used to create landscaping in public parking areas. ACO KerbDrain is a combined drainage and kerb product and has been used at an award-winning retail development in Peterborough to create traffic islands with radius units, 90° quadrant stones and angle units.

In the Abraham Darby Academy a range of ACO products has been used in the public parking areas to remove the polluted surface water runoff. These included ACO Q-Ceptor, with hydrocarbon bypass separator technology, to treat polluted surface water successfully and to ensure compliance with environmental regulations.

Parking decks

Parking deck areas, including those in multi-storey car parks, often require drainage solutions with restricted installation space. ACO Deckline is a shallow invert channel drainage system ideally suited to these areas where excavation depth is limited. Other channels used in parking decks are the strong and low-maintenance S Range, with bolted cast iron gratings, which have been installed around bus pull-ins and ticket barriers within the multi-storey car park at Heathrow Terminal 5.

Private parking areas

ACO MultiDrain MD and Multiline Sealin are simple-to-install grated channel drainage systems that both excel at surface water collection for private -parking areas. They have the extra safety of D 400 load class capabilities to cope with most private parking traffic requirements. ACO MultiDrain Monoblock PD100D  is a monocast channel solution that has the same load class, but also has the greater security of a non-grated construction.

HGV parking areas require high load-class drainage solutions. ACO has a range of grated, monocast and high-attenuation solutions that meet this requirement. ACO S Range, RoadDrain and Qmax systems are all load-class F 900 and are ideally suited to the high dynamic forces experienced here, whilst also fulfilling site drainage requirements.

Domestic parking areas

ACO has a range of drainage solutions for domestic parking areas that are easy to install and offer a long-lasting and sustainable driveway drainage solution. ACO RainDrain B 125, RainDrain Brickslot B 125, HexDrain Pro and CivicDrain are all surface drainage channels designed specifically for trafficked applications, such as driveways and are certified to load class B 125 or C 250.  Unlike load-class A drainage products, these are safe to use on driveway entrances.

Petrol station forecourts

Petrol station forecourts require a heavy-duty, maintainable, channel drainage system and at the M40 services at Beaconsfield, ACO S Range grated drainage channels form a surface water management network across the filling station forecourts.  

ACO has a number of solutions for cleaning water from petrol station forecourts. The ACO Q-Ceptor uses hydrocarbon bypass separator technology, and ACO QuadraCeptor removes heavy particles, silt, nutrients and dissolved materials, such as heavy metals.

How we can assist you

The ACO Design Services Team is able to work closely with you through the entire airport drainage project requirements. We also offer design surface software for you to make your own calculations, as well as BIM product files to support the latest efficient project delivery methods.

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