ACO TECHNOLOGIES PLC Established in 1984

ACO in the UK

ACO Technologies plc is the UK division of the ACO Group. Established in 1984, ACO Technologies plc is based in Shefford, Bedfordshire and uses a diverse range of materials including polymer concrete, iron, steel and plastic to develop innovative products that are supported by a comprehensive design and after sales service.

ACO has a broad range of surface water management systems designed to provide the optimum solution in storm water control and sustainable drainage systems. These ranges are designed to suit many applications including internal and building drainage, parking areas, retail and commercial developments, highways, residential developments and airports and docks. The portfolio includes oil separators, storm water attenuation and infiltration systems, traditional channel and grate assemblies, monocast and high capacity drainage systems as well as solutions for environmentally sensitive projects.

ACO Corporate Brochure

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ACO Global

ACO Water Management

Two ranges of surface water management systems covering all load class environments:

  • Civils + Infrastructure: medium and heavy duty applications.
  • Building + Landscaping: residential, landscape and light vehicle applications

ACO Building Drainage

Built environment water management systems and architectural products manufactured from corrosion resistant materials.

ACO Wildlife

Wildlife conservation products: amphibian fencing and tunnels, nest boxes, wildlife kerbs.

ACO Sport

Specialist drainage systems for sports arenas, recreational facilities and stadiums.