QuAD Hydraulic Design 2.0

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ACO has brought together years of hydraulic design experience to now support it’s product range with free cloud based design software.

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Cloud based

The software means increased efficiency providing design resources you need when you need it, allowing you to deploy the same design capability consistently, with the same consistency in results every time.


Application selection ensure designers are able to get quick and accurate guidance in selection of the most suitable products based on the type of application the catchment is to cater for.

Flexible catchment design

QuAD is design to support designers in the creation of catchment areas. Supplementary catchment areas can easily be added upstream and downstream of any previously designed channel run.

Rainfall assist

Rainfall intensity by location matters in design. QuAD provides a site locator map enabling the most accurate intensity to be input.

Product optimiser

Optimising the specific channel runs can be done with the optimiser feature selecting the smallest product suitable. Excavation and concrete requirements are also provided.

Resilience assessment

By inputting anticipated sedimentation rates and sedimentation density the QuAD software enables the designer to test their suggested maintenance schedules.

Attenuation assessments

Calculate the attenuation required for the project and compare it with the storage available in the channel design. Attenuation volume is presented along with suitable options for storage.

Secure scheme filing

All designs created by registered users are stored on a secure server and are password protected. Past projects are easily retrieved from the personalised menu.

Flexible download format

Output can be generated for all or parts of the project and can be generated in pdf or CSV formats.

Knowledge database

There is support available either through a query submission or through self-help made possible by the comprehensive Knowledge database.

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Safe Design

QuAD Hydraulic Design 2.0 has unprecedented levels of choice and flexibility built in. The hydraulic engine underpinning your design aspirations has been robustly tested to give you maximum confidence in your surface water solutions. The modern specifier will appreciate the speed and functionality afforded by this freely available design tool. The system has been designed to help you and your customers create solutions you can be proud of. Your output will be fully compliant with best practice and the latest SuDS standards.

Other Systems

ACO Slope systems are available with design support. Please contact ACO Design Services on 01462 816666 for more information. For assistance in design other ACO systems not featured on the software, please contact our ACO Water Management Design Services Team. Email: technical@aco.co.uk or call them on 01462 816666

User Confidentiality

Maintaining confidentiality is crucial for our QuAD users and their projects. This is made possible by password protection. All users that included an optional password when they first registered on the ACO website will be able to access the software using the same details. For those that did not enter the optional password it is necessary to create one in order to be able to use the software; this is simply in order to ensure your saved designs are protected. The software does enable you to share designs for consultation either through email or through the creation of summary documentation.