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Tate Gallery
ACO's Bespoke MultiDrain Brickslot manages water for the UK’s most challenging geometrical structure - Tate Modern

A drainage & flood management strategy was designed at Tate Modern that minimises the risk of flooding & the impact to the existing ...

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Granary Square
ACO MultiDrain Brickslot meets aesthetic, hydraulic and loading requirements at Granary Square, London

A bespoke reduced height Brickslot was developed to meet specific
requirements around the fountain.

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Cutty Sark
ACO Qmax provides a discreet, seamless drainage solution at the historic public area around the Cutty Sark

ACO Qmax with Q-Slot edge rails and ACO MultiDrain MD channel drainage system provide discreet drainage solutions across the public area.

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Van Hage
ACO KerbDrain & MultiDrain complement a Peterborough garden centre architecture.

ACO MultiDrain defines & enhances shop frontage visual lines and ACO Brickslot is installed in aesthetically sensitive areas.

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