SuDS route map ICE and ACO guide to effective surface water management

Sponsored by ACO Technologies, the ICE SuDS Task Group has produced a set of detailed, easy-to-follow visual route maps to assist practitioners in finding the most relevant and up to date information about Sustainable Drainage design, construction, adoption and maintenance.

An interactive pdf can be viewed (top right). Alternatively, a downloadable pdf is available from the ICE website:

Helping you deliver an effective SuDS solution

All plans and designs for new housing or commercial developments should address the issue of Sustainable Drainage Systems (SuDS) from the earliest stages. This enables the best SuDS to be delivered to mitigate flooding risk, avoid overloading the drainage network and provide water quality, biodiversity and public amenity benefits.

However, regulations and custom and practice vary across the UK nations and between different local authorities, making the processes of SuDS delivery sometimes confusing.

The purpose of these new route maps is to provide an overview of the main stages of delivering SuDS, with numerous hyperlinks to online resources at the appropriate point.

This will help both existing SuDS practitioners and built environment professionals new to SuDS to understand the main processes and what information is available.

Although not a fixed legal requirement in England and Northern Ireland, SuDS are a legal obligation in Scotland and soon in Wales.

Water UK, the water industry body, is also developing more rigorous standards.

Who should read the new guidance?

The ICE/ACO route maps cover key delivery stages: from pre-planning, design and construction, to adoption and maintenance.

There are numerous links to further detailed online information.

The route maps will be of interest to:

  • Architects
  • Planners
  • Engineering consultants
  • Developers
  • Construction contractors
  • Water engineers
  • Chartered environmentalists

How we can assist you

The ACO Design Services Team is able to work closely with you through the entire design process in the field of SuDS. We also offer design surface software for you to make your own calculations

ACO offer a comprehensive CPD on SuDS that deals with drivers for change, including climate change and urbanisation, and gives practical case studies of SuDS implementation.

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