SuDS Overflow Gully

SuDS gully unit for rain gardens and bioretention

Raingarden and biorentention areas often incorporate overflow pipes, set at a suitable level to prevent saturation the area and to allow a pre-determined freeboard area.

ACO’s SuDS Overflow gullies can be utilised in rain gardens and bioretention areas to protect overflow pipes from debris ingress and from accidental damage to the exposed pipe.

Two options are available; a ductile iron gully for larger SuDS installations and an ABS plastic gully for smaller areas. Both feature wide inlet areas minimising blockages, and their black finish will discreetly blend into the surrounding flora.


  • Large inlet area to minimise blockages
  • Discreet unit
  • Available in either a ductile iron or ABS plastic


  • Accurate setting of overflow height
  • Restricts leaf and debris entry
  • Inconspicuous aesthetic
  • Quick and easy installation

Recommended Applications

  • Overflows in rain gardens and bioretention areas
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