AS201 Mechanical Clamp

Designed for use in non-weldable flexible floors

The ACO AS201 Mechanical Clamp drainage channel is designed for use in non-weldable flexible floors or applications where high temperature discharges are likely.  


  • Manufactured in 304 or 316 grade stainless steel
  • Can be used on flooring of up to 8mm thickness


  • Clamps to the majority of flexible flooring materials
  • Designed suit individual requirements
  • Fully watertight stainless steel system

Recommended Applications

  • Manufacturing and logistics facilities
  • Sports stadia
  • Leisure centres and parks
  • Schools and universities
  • Healthcare facilities
  • Supermarkets and shopping centres
  • Car parks
  • Railway and bus stations
  • Airport terminals
  • Hotels
  • Prisons
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