Stop Channel

Prevents small animals accessing the carriageway

When the continuity of the ACO Guide Wall needs to be broken to allow access from a side road or path, the ACO Stop Channel can be used to allow both access and continuous guidance at the same time.

The wall of the channel aligns with the ACO Guide Wall to form an unbroken guide, while the grid is specially designed so that small animals will drop through into the channel below, preventing them from entering the danger area and allowing them to follow to the next crossing.

The grating is UKCA and CE marked and fully certified to Load Class D 400 BS EN 1433:2002


  • Suitable for heavy duty vehicle traffic.
  • Forms a continuous system to prevent small animals reaching the carriageway.
  • Small animals fall through the slots in the grating into the channel below and follow the Guide Wall to the tunnel entrance.


  • Grating certified to Load Class D 400 BS EN 1433:2002.
  • Continues Guide Wall beneath side roads and paths.
  • Grating specially designed with large slots.

Recommended Applications

  • Access roads for highways
  • Areas identified for mitigation measures
  • Nature conservation areas
  • Access roads for rail developments
  • Access roads for residential developments

Not Recommended Applications

  • Installation across any highway
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