Guide Wall

Prevents small animals from accessing danger areas

The system consists of standard 1m straight lengths, with additional elements to cater for changes in gradient or direction.

The integral barriers on the front face prevent small animals from climbing into the danger area, while the front foot area suppresses vegetation and provides a clear movement area for animals. No metal reinforcement is used, so animals are not disoriented, while the non-absorbent surfaces, which have minimal thermal conductivity, provide an ideal surface for amphibians to move along.

Due to the design of the system and the strength of recycled polymer concrete, the ACO Guide Wall system can be used to retain substantial earth banks.

The ACO Guide Wall can be used in conjunction with the ACO Tunnel Entrance, ACO Climate Tunnel and ACO Climate Stilt Tunnel to form a complete guidance and crossing system.


  • Small animals are prevented from climbing into the danger area.
  • Suppresses vegetation growth and provides clear movement area for small animals.
  • Can be retained by backfill and support substantial banks.
  • Animals are not disoriented by distortion of magnetic fields.
  • A complete seamless system to guide animals to safety.
  • Can accommodate curves and changes in gradients.
  • Will not leave harmful residues.
  • Animals in the carriageway area can move to safety.


  • Two anti-climb barriers on front face.
  • Lip on front base.
  • High inherent strength.
  • No metal reinforcement.
  • Use in conjunction with Entrance and Tunnel systems.
  • System includes radius units, risers and droppers
  • Will not corrode.
  • Minimum operational life 50 years under normal conditions.
  • Can be backfilled to full height
  • Low maintenance required.

Recommended Applications

  • Highways
  • Nature conservation areas
  • Areas identified for mitigation measures
  • Residential developments
  • Distribution yards
  • Industrial estates
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