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Planting for the planet – creating a Net Zero garden..

Almost a third of the urban surface area in the UK is covered by residential gardens, according to Ordnance Survey. This presents gardeners with a unique opportunity to help mitigate climate change.

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Landscapers should use World Water Day to promote sustainable drainage.

Landscapers are being urged to use World Water Day 2022 to promote sustainable practices when it comes to water management in gardens.

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Landscape design must be led by sustainability.

Sustainable design practices must be a top priority for garden design in 2022, according to leading drainage manufacturer, ACO Water Management.

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Creating a rain garden – nature’s own soakaway.

Rain gardens take careful planning, planting and landscaping to create, but the results can be hugely beneficial, especially for the planet

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Making sustainable attainable – 10 simple ways to eco-friendly garden design..

Here, we’re sharing ten ways for you to build a little more sustainability into your next landscaping or garden design project.

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Sustainable Garden Design; Nature Sets the New Standards.

In this article we take a look at how garden designers and landscapers can take lessons from nature, to add sustainable water management to their project, and why they really must

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