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Raising The Roof: First Ever Blue Green Roof in Dublin Constructed with ACO’s RoofBloxx System.

With new planning rules to abide by in Dublin, the developers of a commercial three-story residential apartment building had to demonstrate that its scheme would have a blue green roof to obtain planning permission. ACO worked together with Beton ...

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Uniface Shallow access cover
UniFace to Uni Floor: ACO’s Access Covers Make the Cut at University of Nottingham Renovation.

The University of Nottingham’s Florence Boot Hall is a student accommodation property that can house 200 students per year. The building is currently undergoing major improvement works to refresh its look and upgrade the building services. As part ...

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Designing climate resilient Blue Roof attenuation systems..

On World Green Roof Day, ACO considers how, with the increasing planning requirements for blue green roofs, systems can be installed to increase the resilience of the overall roofing structure to give greater peace of mind to architects, developers, ...

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High Level Thinking: ACO and Aquality Design Blue Roof Playground at Madani Girls’ School.

With a requirement to appropriately manage surface water runoff from its new extension, Madani Girls’ School turned to ACO Building Drainage and Aquality to construct a new blue green roof which doubles as a rooftop playground.

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Blue Sky Thinking: ACO and Aquality Create A Blue Roof Like No Other At Queen’s Gate Place Mews.

Using its unique RoofBloxx blue roof attenuation system, ACO Building Drainage has
combined with Aquality to retrofit a blue roof on an extended building in the middle of London where it was initially thought not possible.

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Beneath the Surface.

ACO Building Drainage has taken its RoofBloxx attenuation system underground to prevent flooding and water pollution at the newly extended Harbourside Car Park at Port Talbot.

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