StormBrixx - countless configurations

StormBrixx attenuation and soakaway crates offer countless configurations, for flexibility in design and construction to fit any site. Find out below some of the innovative ways engineers, contractors and local authorities have designed, installed and maintained StormBrixx solutions in unique configurations including the narrow verge-side configurations of the A442 Highways scheme.

ACO have created a unique comparison guide below designed as a useful tool for specifying stormwater solutions. This looks at legislation and key criteria for geocellular crates, including ACO StormBrixx, as well as other systems in the market, including permeable paving, large pipes and concrete tanks.

StormBrixx case study configurations

A442 StormBrixx Verge-side Configuration case study

Read how a narrow ACO StormBrixx configuration fitted in verge-side to solve flash flooding on the A442

Flexible Factory Soakaway case study

Read how ACO StormBrixx soakaway configurations supports efficient infiltration and BREEAM ‘Excellent’ rating in a narrow on-site construction

Compare stormwater systems

Specifying Stormwater Solutions

A comparison guide of different stormwater solutions against key criteria of: structural strength, design flexibility, logistics and maintenance

StormBrixx video

Stormbrixx - 1 Minute Overview Video

This concise video compares the new StormBrixx SD attenuation and soakaway crate solution with the existing StormBrixx HD, examining key features including:

  • Simplified handling and logistics
  • Structural integrity
  • Access and maintenance

Stormbrixx product brochures

StormBrixx Brochure

Detailed information on ACO's StormBrixx unique and patented plastic geocellular stormwater management system.

StormBrixx SD and HD DataSheet

Reviewing and comparing both the StormBrixx SD and HD systems including the new half layer for the SD.