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StormBrixx overcomes retail site's flooding issues

ACO's award-winning plastic geocellular stormwater management system installed in the car park of a retail park in Hatfield to prevent a flooding problem.

ACO StormBrixx is a unique and patented plastic geocellular stormwater management system. Designed for surface water infiltration and storage, its versatility allows it to be used in applications across all construction environments as a standalone solution or as part of an integrated sustainable urban drainage (SUDS) scheme.

Qmax high capacity slot drainage

ACO Qmax is a high capacity, heavy-duty and versatile slot drainage system suitable for surface water management and attenuation.

Available in 6 sizes, ensuring greater flexibility for engineers and designers in optimizing hydraulic schemes.

MonoDrain - One Piece Channel Drainage System

ACO MonoDrain is a one-piece channel drainage system, for a wide-range of pedestrian and parking applications such as stations, schools, car parks and commercial areas.

ACO MonoDrain's high strength allows economical installation and extra safety through its one piece construction.

Heelguard™ inlets and Load Class D 400* strength make the channels suitable for most pedestrian and parking applications and are compliant to BS EN1433:2002.


MonoDrain Brochure

Versatile one-piece channel drainage system

Three Bridges Case Study

Discover how ACO StormBrixx configurations integrated with Vortex flow controllers in Network Rail’s Three Bridges railway maintenance depot