Product spotlight for StormBrixx HD GF with glass fibre

Product Spotlight: ACO StormBrixx HF GF


With sustainable practices and products now a requisite across many developments, ACO Water Management’s StormBrixx HD GF offers both heavy duty assurance along with peace of mind from a sustainability point of view.

Made with eco-friendly glass fibre – StormBrixx HD GF is a modular heavy duty stormwater tank system, designed for where installation depth and access requirements are of greater importance to a project.

Alongside using greener materials, StormBrixx HD GF streamlines logistics and simplifies handling through its innovative design. Each unit can be stacked and nestled on top of each other to maximise the total units that can be delivered on one truck, helping to reduce deliveries and ultimately, carbon footprint.

Designed as an open cell structure, the whole system can be inspected and maintained easily, with man access units for the more comprehensive maintenance requirements of local authorities and water companies.

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