Stormwater Tank Specification Made Simple with ACO’s New StormBrixx Digital Tool


Designing and specifying attenuation or infiltration tanks for flood mitigation and sustainable drainage systems (SuDS) is now easier than ever with ACO Water Management’s new StormBrixx Configurator.

The free-to-use digital tool is designed to help plan and project manage underground geocellular stormwater systems, taking users through several steps to a final specification. This includes helping specify the function, either attenuation or infiltration, and the right size and shape of the tank based on either the physical footprint available, or by the volume of water that the tank needs to store.

The StormBrixx Configurator is ideal for architects, specifiers, consultants and contractors, and it comes just as evidence suggests flooding and extreme rainfall events are increasing in the UK. According to the latest State of the UK Climate report from the Met Office, 2011-2020 was 9% wetter than 1961-1990.

Dr David Smoker, Technical Director at ACO Technologies, said: “We’re entering a crucial period with construction in the UK. With many building and civils projects in the pipeline, it is vital that flood mitigation and sustainable drainage is considered at the outset to avoid future flooding risks.

“With our new StormBrixx design tool, specifying stormwater tanks is made much simpler. Users can access the tool online, share the specification to other stakeholders or decision makers, and have early sight of costs and materials needed.”

Stormwater attenuation tanks are designed to hold large volumes of rainwater and slowly release, or attenuate, the water to avoid flooding. Alongside function and size, the configurator will help users specify the tank inlet connections, outlet connections, access locations and options for maintenance. Additionally, ventilation and overflow options can be designed into the tank through the tool.

Once the design is ready, users can share the specification through email, or save and view projects at a later date. Users will also receive a bill of materials to help with budgeting and project management.

ACO’s StormBrixx Design Tool has launched alongside two other tools that ACO has developed – a new Vortex Flow Calculator (QuAD-VFC) that also helps with the rate of attenuation, and ACO’s Habitat Matters Mapping System for Biodiversity Net Gain measurement.

“Improving our built environment all starts with good planning, and our new suite of design tools is all geared towards helping those involved in creating effective sustainable drainage systems. Along with energy efficiency measures, reusing rainwater and managing surface water is key to sustainable construction. Ultimately, this reduces the risks of surface water flooding, and improves the surrounding environment and ecology.”

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