Urban surface design

Technical performance

Grating designs have to accommodate a variety of factors. All ACO systems interface directly with the load and are designed for safe trafficking, they also have to meet hydraulic demands – with the inlet needing to be capable of varying levels of water flow. 

ACO channel systems are designed to perform at the highest level to accommodate loads as diverse as that created by a child’s foot, a stiletto heel or a crane unloading high tonnage shipping containers. Channel systems are classified on a scale A-F, the channel and grating need to comply with recognised Euronorms. All ACO channels and gratings are classified accordingly.

While ‘load’ is primarily a technical requirement ACO have not been restricted by traditional perspectives.  For example it is not only established and recognised materials like ductile iron that are used for high load requirements – plastic composites are available for such class applications. Similarly lower performance requirements for domestic applications does not meant that only lower cost commodity materials are used, for example the stainless steel wedge wire grating is available for lower load class requirements.

All gratings have to meet hydraulic inflows – the inlet must be capable of receiving high levels of surface water.  All ACO gratings have clearly defined hydraulic capacity and have been developed using design formulae for calculating the hydraulic flow capacity of drainage channels. Designers can be assured that the capacity of even the largest ACO channel system with the most discrete of gratings can accommodate the required inflows.

How we can assist you

Our Design Team

Collaboration is very much a part of ACO’s way of working. For over 50 years we have been offering creative design solutions to all sectors of government, public and private enterprise and have a track record for development and regeneration informed by community aspirations and environmental context. Our in house design team and our external design engineers have excellent technical understanding of interconnected systems that can help you create sustainable drainage solutions in all categories of the urban environment.

Tools to support you

We also offer software for design surface to assist you in making your own calculations, as well as design visualisers to assist in helping assess impact of various grating/inlet details. BIM product files along with a variety of other support documents are all available for download here.