Domestic Soakaway

Award winning domestic soakaway

Drainage of surface water around any property is vitally important and with the right to connect to a sewer no longer automatic, effective soakaways are now a key part in the planning of any development. They are probably the most common form of surface water disposal for areas less than 100m2 .

Manufactured from recyclable plastic, ACO StormBrixx is easy to handle and quick to install. Its high void ratio reduces the cost associated with traditional soakaways.

It is important to note that Building Regulations Part H3 states that any soakaway should be installed at minimum 5 metres away from any building line (e.g. foundations). 

ACO StormBrixx provides the installer with added assurance for an effective long life solution.


  • High stength ribbed columns
  • Lightweight design for easy manual handling and fast installation
  • Weep holes provided to maximise void ratio


  • High void ratios - 95%
  • Two injection moulded bodies clip together to form one single tank unit

Recommended Applications

  • Driveways
  • Patios
  • Private and public parking
  • Residential developments

Not Recommended Applications

  • Threshold Drainage

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