Lightweight rapid paviour haunching system

Manufactured from 100% recycled materials, ACO BorderGuard is light and easy to work with, offering rapid and simple installation.

Once installed, the slim vertical edge is virtually invisible as it is hidden by soil or lawn. ACO Borderguard can be used with any choice of ground covering whether it is lawn, flowerbed or bark chips.

Installation is far faster than with concrete haunching and, unlike traditional methods, allows you to grow grass or bedding plants right to the edge of your paving, making the most of your garden and eliminating unsightly concrete.


  • Lightweight design for fast and simple installation
  • Supplied in 1m lengths
  • Reinforced structure for greater strength and durability
  • Five 16mm fixing holes per length for use with synthetic nails
  • Flexible design can be used to create straight lines, curves and 90 degree angles


  • Manufactured from recycled plastic
  • Units clip together for quick and simple on-site fabrication
  • Six 8mm fixing holes for ordinary steel nails
  • Easy to cut
  • Can also be used with ACO GroundGuard

Recommended Applications

  • Block Paving
  • Driveways
  • Lawns

Not Recommended Applications

  • Car Parking Areas
  • Residential Developments
  • Threshold Drainage
BorderGuard Accessories

BorderGuard accessories

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