HexDrain Garage Pack drainage channel pack for garage thresholds

Manufactured from recycled polypropylene, ACO HexDrain Garage Pack contains all components required to install a drainage system across a garage threshold.

The pack contains three ACO HexDrain Channels with Black Plastic gratings, two closing end caps, a vertical outlet and a leafguard, with printed instructions on both the pack and the channel itself.

Designed to be easy to handle, the pack is wrapped in a waterproof cover and provides minimal packaging waste.


Pack Contains:

  • HexDrain Channel (x3)
  • Closing End Cap (x2)
  • 110mm Vertical Outlet and leafguard


  • Convenient packaging for ease of handling
  • Installation instructions included on the packaging


  • Contains everything you need for a simple 3m installation

Recommended Applications

  • Garage Thresholds

Not Recommended Applications

  • Car Parking Areas

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