HexDrain Brickslot

Discreet slot drainage channel for domestic applications

MAanufactured from recycled polypropylene, ACO HexDrain® Brickslot is suitable for pedestrian and vehicle traffic up to Load Class A 15.

The high quality ACO HexDrain Brickslot channels clip together, allowing for quick and easy installation. 

The channel comes complete with an offset slotted grating, ideal for block paving up to and including 60mm. 

A full range of accessories are available, designed to aid simple and fast installation.

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  • Offset slot enables drainage location adjacent to walls and door thresholds
  • Installation guide clearly marked on the brickslot grating
  • Discreet 10mm inlet slot tapered to prevent blockage
  • Cutting guide to create half metre channels
  • CE Marked and fully certified to Load Class A 15 BS EN 1433:2002


  • Channels clip together for quick and easy installation
  • Compliant with Part M of the Building Regulations for England and Wales and Section 4 of the Scottish Building Standards
  • Debris guard stops the ingress of sand and cement between units during installation
  • Offset grating ideal for use with block paving up to 60mm

Recommended Applications

  • Garage Thresholds
  • Patios and Paths
  • Pedestrian Precincts
  • Block Paving

Not Recommended Applications

  • Car Parking Areas

HexDrain Brickslot accessories

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