HexDrain Pro

Channel for light to medium duty traffic applications

Manufactured from recycled polypropylene, ACO HexDrain Pro is suitable for vehicle traffic up to Load Class C 250.

ACO HexDrain Pro comes complete with a corrosion resistant black composite Heelguard grating, ideal for pedestrian traffic. 

The ACO Drainlock grating has a bar-less locking device, allowing for quick and simple installation of gratings. 

Complete the system with ACO’s range of accessories, designed to aid simple and fast installation

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  • Anti-shunt prevents grating movement once installed
  • Cutting guide to create half metre channels
  • Vertical knockout for connection to PVC-U pipe and sump via outlet connectors
  • Textured external surfaces and anchors key the product securely into concrete surround
  • ACO DrainLock grating - this bar-less locking device allows for quick and simple installation of gratings
  • Heelguard grating with 8mm slots
  • UKCA and CE Marked and fully certified to Load Class C 250 BS EN 1433:2002


  • Side knockout for 90 degree channel connection
  • V-shaped ultra smooth channel bore improves speed of water flow and promotes self cleansing
  • Sealant groove for simple watertight installations
  • Male and female channel connections clip together for quick and simple installation

Recommended Applications

  • Domestic Landscaping
  • Public Landscaping
  • Car Parks
  • Driveways

Not Recommended Applications

  • Threshold Drainage

HexDrain Pro accessories

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