Sustainable design ebook for gardeners and landscapers

Below is our new eBook  which reveals how even the smallest garden can make a big difference to climate change.

Take a look, then if you click the link below, you can register and download your own copy. 

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Sustainable design brochure
Sustainable design brochure

Sustainable design, finding the real growth in gardens. An ebook for garden designers and landscapers

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Garden design with Tom Massey

An inspirational and award winning garden designer from south-west London. Tom talks with ACO about what inspired him to start his career in garden design and the importance of considering sustainability in every project.

Sustainable Garden Design; Nature Sets the New Standards

There was a time, long ago, when you couldn’t walk far across Britain without tripping over a beaver dam. Sadly, sometime around the 16th century, the last of the Eurasian beavers to live wildly in Britain were hunted to extinction.

Today though, against a complex background of global warming and climate change, the reintroduction of these creatures to the countryside is teaching landscapers and gardeners valuable lessons about water sustainability – even in the most heavily urbanised areas.

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