ACO Accessories are Essentials

ACO’s accessories contain, corner, clean and direct water through ACO channel drains

Each ACO channel drain system comes with its own range of accessories to enable a top-quality installation. Accessories direct rainwater into and seal the channel, then clean the water before connecting it to onward drainage. Accessories are integral to a swift and effective installation, they are not optional extras.

Hexdrain Accessories System
Ø110mm outlet endcap (319289), 2. Ø68mm downpipe connector (27120), 3. Corner unit (19559), 4. Sump unit (19558), 5. Leafguard (19287)*, 6. End cap (319288), 7. Ø110mm outlet connector (19287)*

*Accessories only available within accessory bag (19287), which also contains x2 end caps

The perils of phantom drainage

If accessories are not used with ACO channel drains, the resulting installation can cause significant long-term damage to a property.

If endcaps are left off (as is the case opposite), the rainwater drains into the subbase under the paving. If the channel isn’t connected to onward drainage, again water drains into the subbase and/or backs up so the channel overflows, flooding the surrounding area it was installed to protect. If water drains into the subbase of paving, over time the paving can shift or slump and damp penetrate any surrounding wall.

Channel drainage that gives the appearance of providing drainage on the surface, but underneath allows rainwater to remain within the installation location, is phantom drainage.  

phantom drainage

Accessories enable full drainage functionality

Each ACO channel drain systems comes with a range of accessories to channel runoff responsibly, legally, and sustainably:

Closing End Cap – 319288


Clip-on endcaps with sealant effectively contain rainwater within the channel. This method is far more secure and efficient than scouring the site for appropriately sized pieces of slate.


Channel drains often need to conform to a building’s footprint, so corners or T-junctions are needed. ACO provides corner units compatible with each of its channel systems, featuring knock-out pieces that facilitate connections for up to four channel runs.


Incorporating a sump unit before or within the outlet prevents the buildup of silt, helping to safeguard against clogs in downstream pipework or soakaways. Additionally, a leaf guard positioned over the outlet offers an extra layer of protection against debris. Similarly, access units are indispensable for properly maintaining a run of slot channel drains.

Outlet End cap - 319289


ACO channels feature vertical outlet knockouts, while endcaps can be exchanged for horizontal outlets. This design element allows for tailored outflow options, positioning the drainage connection wherever best suits the needs of the instillation. Round and square downpipe connectors can be effortlessly clipped onto the channel, just like a grating, to direct rainwater from roof drainage into the channel.

For each ACO channel system, accessories are displayed at the bottom of the relevant webpage or in the Home and Garden Product Overview (download below) and are available through your local builders' merchant. 

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House & Garden Range Overview
House & Garden Range Overview

Full guide for domestic drainage & landscaping systems.


Who benefits from ACO Accessories?

Design Professionals: By specifying the necessary ACO accessories alongside ACO channels and gratings, your client will gain and their contractor deliver effective drainage of a paved surface with no phantoms in sight. ACO’s Design Services Team supports design professionals to specify the most appropriate ACO channel and accessories for the installation location.

Contractors: While accessories add to the cost of materials, they save on installation time. Cutting a polymer concrete channel and grate on a 45 degree mitre is harder, more time consuming, and less neat than using a corner unit – simply remove the required knockouts and seal in place. A quality installation leads to word-of-mouth recommendations and more jobs.

Merchants: Recommending ACO accessories along with channels will enable customers to get the job done swiftly and effectively and can result in additional sales. Contact ACO’s Product Trainer for in-person or online training on ACO’s channels and accessories.


Homeowers: Discuss with your designer and contractor how ACO accessories are used to contain, corner, clean and direct water through ACO channel drains and so guard your property against phantom drainage.  

Our waterways – the most important beneficiary

Current legislation already demands rainwater is disposed of on-site. For example, at the front of a property, if a new drive is laid or renovated and the area is more than 5m2 (England and Wales, 0m2 in Scotland), rainwater must be dispersed onsite and not allowed to leave the property. Therefore it is essential to use a channel drainage system: not just the channels but the accessories that ensure the rainwater is disposed of appropriately.

An ACO channel drain system can form part of a sustainable drainage solution, from roof to ground level, that keeps rain out of the drainage system. In doing so, we are playing our part to prevent sewage overflows into our waterways.