Food & Drink Manufacturing Hygienic Drainage

Hygienic drainage is critical to any food manufacturing or processing facility and, as one of the world's leading drainage specialists, we are determined to help raise standards across every part of the process from drainage design through to installation, cleaning and ongoing maintenance.

Through extensive research and development, we have become the first company to incorporate the latest hygienic design principles into commercial drainage.  We are familiar with HACCP and the prerequisites that underpin it, work closely with industry experts to better understand the risks of sub-optimal drainage and, to support further product development, are conducting ongoing research with global research body Campden BRI.

As the first drainage company to become a member of the European Hygienic Engineering and Design Group (EHEDG), we also play an active role in the development of future best practice guidelines helping to raise standards and reduce business risk for the food processing companies.

Providing engineered as well as standard drainage solutions, we can help you optimise hygiene whether you're a poultry processor who is concerned about listeria, a dairy products manufacturer who wants to minimise bacterial contamination or a brewer who needs to deal with high flow rates.

To learn more about how we've helped organisations throughout the food sector, click on the links below.  

Hygienic design principles

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Food & Drink Manufacturing Sector

Drainage is important to any food and drink manufacturing facility whether an international brewer or a manufacturer of ready meals for a major supermarket.

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Our commitment to hygiene within Food Processing facilities takes care of every aspect of the drainage process.

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Hygienic Drainage for Food Processing & Commercial Kitchen Applications

HygieneFirst Philosophy (1.7MB)

ACO is committed to providing drainage systems that deliver the ultimate hygienic performance and help end users put hygiene first.

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