Starch Separators

High performance starch separators

Food such as rice, wheat, pulses and potatoes contain large quantities of starch. If large quantities of these ingredients are processed in commercial kitchens or in the food industry (potato processing companies such as crisp production, frying factories or canneries), the wastewater must be treated accordingly.

ACO's range of starch separators can be installated above or below ground. Starch is insoluble in water and exists as particles. These are heavier than water and settle in the bottom part of the separator, in the starch collection chamber. The ACO starch separators are available with automatic hydromechanical high-pressure internal cleaning (treatment?), a disposal pump and direct extraction. Disposal, cleaning (treatment)? and filling are then possible without odour nuisance.

Below ground units are available with a capacity upto 1085 litres

Above ground units are available with a capacity upto 1875 litres


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  • Odourless disposal option
  • Choice of Load Class from up to D400
  • Roto-moulded ribbed construction prevents buoyancy in high water table locations


  • Can sample from outflow.
  • Huge load capacity (load class: D 400 – equivalent to SLW 60) without any load-spreading during installation
  • Low installation costs – separator, sludge trap, sampling using one container
  • No additional goliath crane needed
  • Buoyancy-proof for a groundwater level up to maximum 1 m above the base plate
  • Ideal ease of cleaning thanks to round shape

Recommended Applications

  • Prisons
  • Schools
  • Hospitals
  • Food/Drink Processing
  • Commercial Kitchens
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