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ACO Building Drainage specialises in the development of corrosion resistant drainage systems and building products for applications across the internal and external built environments. Our range covers building applications from the roof to the road.

  • Blue green roofs - to help manage building runoff in a sustainable way enabling roofs to drain quickly to meet building regulations and slowly to meet planning conditions.
  • Bespoke and modular stainless steel channel drainage and floor gullies - to manage drainage in a variety of applications e.g. Food production, leisure centres and commercial kitchens.
  • Access covers -  to ensure easy access to building services our range of access covers is available as a recessed cover to match your floor finish or as a solid top. We can also do bespoke covers
  • Wetroom drainage - Our range provides a stylish finish to any bathroom, changing room or shower area. 
  • Grease traps and separators - We can cater for kitchens both large and small needing to manage their Fats oils and grease (FOG) 
  • ACO Pipe - Our push fit pipe is easy to install and can withstand high pressure. They are available in Stainless or galvanised steel.

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