ACO LipuMax A range of below ground gravity grease separators

The ACO LipuMax range of below ground grease separators are designed to efficiently separate fats, oils and grease from waste water.

Using advanced design, materials and manufacturing techniques, roto-moulding technology gives the below-ground tanks the structural integrity to withstand the rigours of site handling and installation as well as hydrostatic forces generated by changing ground water levels.

Delivering optimum durability and with a service life of 50 years, ACO LipuMax grease separators are manufactured, tested and certified in accordance with BS EN 1825.

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  • Certified in accordance with BS EN 1825
  • Compact and rigid one-piece roto-moulded polyethylene construction
  • Built-in rib structure provides positive features to key into surrounding concrete
  • Buoyancy-proof shaft to the top edge of the manhole cover with no in-situ concreating required for D 400
  • Full load class A15 to D400 capability to BS EN 124
  • Optional concrete load distribution plate for D400 applications


  • High performance and durability
  • Guaranteed product stability for 50 years
  • Resists ground water to service levels
  • Reduced slab reinforcement requirements
  • Reduces risk of drain blockages
  • Service and technical support available via ACO and its partners
  • Helps keep your kitchen running

Recommended Applications

  • Hotel kitchens
  • Restaurants
  • Hospital clinics & care homes
  • Large catering establishments
  • Factory and office canteens
  • University catering facilities

Lipumax Range

Lipumax P-B

  • Emptying and cleaning via shaft manhole cover
  • Odour build-up during emptying and cleaning

LipuMax P-DM

  • Connection for direct suction
  • High pressure cleaning operated manually
  • No odour build-up

LipuMax P-DA

  • Connection for direct suction
  • Completely automatic programme
  • No odour build-up

Lipumax P-D

  • Connection for direct suction
  • Odour build-up during cleaning

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