The Most Expensive Chocolate Ever Made food manufacturers need hygienically designed drainage

We’ve launched ‘The Most Expensive Chocolate Ever Made’ campaign. Designed to raise the profile of hygienically designed drainage among food manufacturers, the campaign talks about the potential impact which poorly designed drainage can have on hygiene, public safety, operational costs and ultimately the viability of any food or drink manufacturing business. The campaign will also draw attention to the key design features which specifiers should look for when specifying drainage for use in a food manufacturing or processing environment.

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Hygiene First

Production Area

Commercial Kitchens

All commercial kitchens can be characterised as a hazardous working environment - they are extremely busy with the potential for wet and greasy floors due to the abundance of fluids in both cooking and cleaning - and they are hot!

Food & Drink #1

Food & Drink Manufacturing

Food touches every single individual on the planet in various aspects: health, pleasure, socialization, etc. More broadly food safety and access to food are fundamental prerequisites for public health, social stability but are also paramount for business sustainability and profitability.

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Food & Beverage Manufacturing (1.3MB)

Our commitment to hygiene within Food Processing facilities takes care of every aspect of the drainage process.

HygieneFirst Philosophy (1.7MB)

ACO is committed to providing drainage systems that deliver the ultimate hygienic performance and help end users put hygiene first.