What is ACO Roofbloxx?

ACO RoofBloxx is a complete roof attenuation system for blue, green and blue/green roofs. It enables engineers to create a blue or green roof drainage layer that gives architects the design flexibility required to create imaginative, multi-functional open green spaces at roof or podium level.

Comprising a shallow, high-strength, adjustable geocellular storage void and roof outlet flow control system, ACO RoofBloxx is fully compatible with ACO roof outlets, downpipes and surface water drainage systems. It can be used in different roof types e.g. as part of a warm roof construction.

When combined with the ACO Blue Roof Flow Restrictor, ACO RoofBloxx units can store rainwater at source to control surface water run-off. The system can also permanently store a percentage of the captured water for use in passive irrigation systems e.g. as part of a sedum roof.

Hydraulic design guidance is provided as standard by ACO’s in-house technical design team.

Preview our RoofBloxx brochure and the ebook from our Urban Greening webinars

To download a copy of our RoofBloxx brochure or our Urban Greening Webinar ebook please click the Brochure PDF files in the right column of this page. The ebook gives more expert opinion on Urban Greening, greening factors in planning, green roofs and how countries like Singapore have delivered in Urban greening.

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ACO RoofBloxx Brochure

ACO RoofBloxx overview brochure - Blue Roof Attenuation Systems for a Sustainable Urban Environment

ACO RoofBloxx Design Guide

A Design Guide to the ACO RoofBloxx system


  • Modular polypropylene construction
  • Stackable geocellular units (in 40mm increments)
  • Three unit sizes (85mm, 125mm and 165mm depth)
  • Units interlock in any orientation
  • Internal void ratio of 90%
  • Top surface void ratio of 53%
  • ACO Blue Roof Flow Restrictor works with ACO vertical, and 45 and 90 degree roof outlets


  • Modular structure for design flexibility
  • 100% recyclable
  • Shallow, high strength design (800KN/m²)
  • Adjustable storage depth
  • Stackable without the need for shear connectors
  • Suitable for pedestrian and vehicular areas
  • Suitable for use beneath permeable and impermeable surfaces
  • Passive irrigation attainable with capillary wick
  • Compatible with ACO roof outlets, downpipes and surface water drainage
  • Free technical design support

Recommended Applications

  • Active and passive blue roof applications
  • Green / 'living' roofs
  • Blue/green roof applications with or without passive irrigation systems
  • Roofing systems that form part of a podium deck or green roof system

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