RoofBloxx Reservoir Tray

lightweight interlocking modular roof tray

The ACO RoofBloxx Reservoir Tray is a lightweight interlocking modular roof tray. Benefiting from optimum design flexibility, it can be easily cut to fit different shapes. ACO RoofBloxx Reservoir Tray’s are also easy-to-interlock, facilitating the connection of adjacent trays and enhancing system stability.


  • Recycled polypropylene construction
  • Interlocking tray design
  • Available in two heights: 30mm (11.6 l/m²capacity) and 60mm (18 l/m²capacity)


  • Made from recycled polypropylene
  • Easily cut-to-fit and easy to assemble
  • Can be used with ACO RoofBloxx 85 - 165mm to provide a green roof reservoir above the blue roof storage layer
  • Interlocking tray design for enhanced system stability

Recommended Applications

  • Active and passive blue roof applications
  • Green / 'living' roofs
  • Blue/green roof applications with or without passive irrigation systems
  • Roofing systems that form part of a podium deck or green roof system
Featured Downloads

Featured Downloads

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ACO RoofBloxx Brochure
ACO RoofBloxx Brochure

Read this guide about how Blue Green Roofs can be designed to drain slowly in normal use and quickly in extreme conditions, using ACO RoofBloxx

ACO RoofBloxx Design Guide
ACO RoofBloxx Design Guide

A Design Guide to the ACO RoofBloxx system showing the build ups for a variety of roof types. Don't forget we can help with calculations for any roof.

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