Lifting Stations A range of polypropylene lifting stations

Lifting stations are specified when the grease separator is installed below the backflow level.

Manufactured from stainless steel or polypropylene, ACO lifting stations are designed in accordance with EN1825 which requires a twin pump system to improve system reliability.


  • Certified to BS EN 12050
  • Choice of sizes: lifting plants for NS 15 and 20, and for NS 25 and 30
  • Twin pump system for reliability
  • Large usable tank volumes
  • Various inlet heights
  • Energy-saving channel impeller on pump to reduce blockages


  • Good operational safety thanks to pilot tube and air bubble injection
  • Suitable for waste water containing grease or fat
  • Can be extended into a parallel plant
  • Tank can be configured individually to customer requirements
  • Good operational safety and reliability
  • No need to ventilate the pump, as it is installed horizontally

Recommended Applications

  • Hotel kitchens
  • Restaurants
  • Hospital clinics & care homes
  • Large catering establishments
  • Factory and office canteens
  • University catering facilities

Lifting Station range

Muli Star DDP

  • Downstream of grease separators up to NS 15 – in conjunction with air bubble injection
  • Multiple dwelling units

Muli PE-S duo

  • Complete wastewater lifting plant with underwater pump and cutting mechanism
  • Various target levels
  • Lower costs thanks to small bore pressure lines

Muli Pro-PE K duo

  • Small business premises with a high level of wastewater
  • Downstream of grease separators up to NS 20
  • Where there are long discharge pressure lines with a large difference in height

Muli Pro-PE K parallel

  • Commercial or industrial units with high level of wastewater
  • Where there are long discharge pressure lines with a large difference in height

Muli Pro-PE N XL duo

  • Commercial or industrial units with high levels of waste water
  • Downstream of grease separators
  • Waste water containing both long and short fibres

Muli Mini Duo

  • With 2 grey water underwater pumps
  • Areas of application include; Laundries, Rows of showers and basement areas

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