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ACO Building Drainage has an extensive range of aluminium flat roof rainwater outlets and car park gullies which are suitable for use in a variety of commercial, industrial and residential applications.

Our experts' recommended roof outlet for your project can be found in 3 easy steps:

  1. Simply answer a few questions from the drop down selector below about your project. Use 'What's this?' explanations beside each question to help gudie your choices
  2. Receive our experts' recommended solution for your project (Including a full PDF specification datasheet to download) as the outcome to your choices from the selector. 
  3. Click 'Go to Shop and add the product to the basket. Then proceed to purchase the product, either from your preferred merchant or directly from ACO. 

Please note your final solution may include multiple items supplied as a kit.

Answer questions below about your project to receive our experts' recommended solution for you.

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Rainwater Outlet Brochure
Rainwater Outlet Brochure

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