Shower Gratings Designer gratings for gully and channel systems

ACO provides a wide choice of shower grating designs. These are ideal shower drain covers for both gully and channel systems providing elegant options to suit every taste for both bathrooms and wetrooms.  ACO shower gratings are available in electro-polished stainless steel, glass or textured surfaces in a variety of shapes and lengths.


  • Wide range of grating design options
  • Manufactured from stainless steel, glass or textured materials


  • High quality finish
  • Combine functionality and durability

Recommended Applications

  • Private residential
  • Residential developments
  • Hotels
  • Commercial offices
  • Sport and leisure facilities

Download our wetroom brochure

ACO Wetroom Brochure

Wetrooms create a barrier free shower environment that removes the restrictions imposed by conventional products, creating a minimalist approach to design, generating space and allowing freedom of movement.

Hotel & Leisure Brochure

ACO has extensive experience of providing drainage solutions for the hotel and leisure industry.

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