The Listening Pod
The Listening Pod is a new project which sets out to capture the real conversations going on amongst professionals working in the construction industry.

They are your conversations and they need to be heard. Conversations and views that cut through the gloss and public relations spin to really address the issues, challenges and opportunities that you face every day in the infrastructure sector.

The Listening Pod recognises no hierarchy or seniority but simply sets out to hear the views of real people on real topics. They are short conversations between friends and colleagues, between rivals or partners and sometimes spur of the moment conversations with complete strangers.

You will find the Listening Pod engages in discussions that might excite or frustrate you, disgust and annoy, or that delight and inspire you. All views are different; all views are valid.

Join us in the Listening Pod project, listen or download the latest discussions, watch for the latest conversations on our social media. The Listening Pod travels around the country to different events so keep an eye out for us and take part in this exciting new project. (If you don’t have a conversation partner we can find you one. If you are not sure what you want to discuss we can help with ideas).

All we really need is you and the fantastic stories that you have to tell.

Latest from the Listening Pod
Latest selection of audio interviews from a variety of events are regularly updated. But if what you cannot find what you are looking for you can catchup with all releases through our The Listening Pod - SoundCloud channel.
Highways Exhibitions 2016, NEC, Birmingham

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