MultiDrain Monoblock PD100D
Introduction to the system

ACO MultiDrain Monoblock PD100D is a one-piece channel system which delivers low cost, secure surface water drainage with long lasting aesthetics for a wide range of pedestrian and vehicle applications.

ACO Monoblock PD100D is a simple yet versatile channel drainage system for surface water conveyance which has been specifically developed to meet the demands of contractors and clients alike. Designed to maintain the long term performance and appearance of the installation, its robust one piece construction removes the risks associated with dislodged or stolen gratings – providing a highly effective alternative to traditional two part channel and grating systems.image

Manufactured from Vienite®, ACO’s high performance recycled material, the system delivers the highest levels of quality, installation and environmental benefits required for modern construction projects, yet has none of the performance compromises associated with other recycled materials on the market

The 0.5m channel units form the core of the range and are available in five constant depths. They range in height from 128mm, ideal where installation depths maybe restricted, to the deepest 353mm unit for maximum hydraulic performance.

ACO Monoblock PD100D channels are constructed in one-piece with an integral Heelguard™ grating, making the product incredibly strong and robust, yet light enough to be manually handled with all channel units weighing below 25kg.

The 100mm wide channels are available as standard in Black Vienite to typically complement asphalt pavements. To provide designers with greater choice, ACO Monoblock PD100D is also available in natural or grey colour options. Maintenance is provided for by lockable rodding access points, sumps and gully units which allow the system to be simply and efficiently cleaned by standard jetting equipment.

Specification couldn’t be easier as all channels and accessories are certificated to BS EN 1433:2002 load class D 400*, making the system suitable for a range of light duty pedestrian, landscaped and medium duty applications including town centres, commercial developments and parking areas for cars and HGV’s.

* ACO Monoblock PD100D system is not suitable for carriageways of public roads or motorways - for these application consider the use of ACO RoadDrain

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  • One-piece design for lifetime integrity and security
  • Integral 8mm Heelguard™ inlets designed to resist debris blockage
  • Profiled channel surface for improved water interception
  • Made from sustainable, robust materials which are thermally stable, chemically resistant and environmental friendly
  • External faces anchor channel securely into concrete surround
  • Sealant groove for simple watertight installations (See page 15 of brochure)
  • Less than 25kg channel weight for ease of manual handling
  • Standard 100mm wide bore shaped to promote self cleansing


  • Safe and secure installation
  • Integral anti-theft grating design
  • Simplifies specification and design
  • Proven performance and durability
  • Capacity choices optimise hydraulic performance
  • Manufactured from sustainable material
  • Many design configurations available including constant depth, step fall, T and L junctions
  • High daily installation rate
  • Maintenance friendly

Recommended applications

  • Landscaped areas
  • Light industrial
  • Pedestrian precincts
  • Parking areas for cars and HGV’s
  • Retail and commercial developments
  • Schools
  • Town centres

Not recommended applications

  • Highways
  • Heavy industrial
  • Ports and docks
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