Grooved RailDrain Ri41GP
Introduction to the system

The grooved rail is an area which can be difficult to access and maintain on many tram and light rail applications. ACO’s Grooved RailDrain units offer a solution to this problem by providing simple and effective drainage of this area.

The one-piece units can be installed against coated or uncoated rail sections providing a dedicated drainage point to intercept water from the groove in the rail profile. The units can also be installed continuously to avoid interferenceimage
with other services contained within the track slab.

ACO Grooved RailDrain units are manufactured from Vienite®, ACO’s sustainable high strength material. The material does not conduct electricity and will provide protection against stray current.

ACO Grooved RailDrain units feature optional connection points for parallel connection to underground drainage networks.

This ACO Grooved RailDrain unit is designed to suit Ri41GP rail profiles. An alternative unit to suit Ri59/60 rail profiles is also available.

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  • Manufactured from Vienite®, ACO’s high strength sustainable material
  • Hinged ductile iron access cover for maintenance and cleaning
  • Grooved RailDrain unit supplied with removable outlet caps and web inserts
  • Designed to suit Ri41GP rail profiles
  • Each unit is 500mm in length
  • Intake holes
  • Optional Ø100mm MDPE outlet positions for connection to underground drainage
  • Fully certified to Load Class D 400 BS EN 1433:2002


  • Provides effective surface water for Ri41GP grooved rail profiles
  • Designed for use in combined tram and vehicular traffic running areas
  • Reduces the chance of water leakage into the track bed
  • Designed for use with encapsulated or nonencapsulated rail sections
  • Manufactured from sustainable, thermally stable material
  • One piece construction provides simple and fast installation
  • Choice of outlet positions for connection to underground drainage

Recommended applications

  • Tram schemes and depots
  • Light rail developments

Not recommended applications

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  • CPR compliance documents
  • Vienite - Recycled Material
  • Rail zone
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