Q-Plate Orifice plates
Introduction to the system

ACO Q-Plate is designed to regulate stormwater flows in projects where a vortex flow control is not the most effective solution, or where flows are greater than 100l/s.

Each unit is tailored to the specific performance requirements of the application providing optimum hydraulic efficiency within the system.image

Remote access to the system can be provided by the optional bypass door and the emergency drain facility - simplifying access and removing the need for direct man access to sewer manholes.

Manufactured from grade 304 stainless steel, the unit is available as a flat or curved radius to suit manhole diameter.

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  • Regulates stormwater flows greater than 100 l/s litres per second
  • Provides an alternative where flow controls are not suitable
  • Individually configured
  • Bypass door and remote access for emergency drain down (Bypass option only)
  • Pipe sealing gasket


  • Tailored performance provides optimum hydraulic efficiency
  • Reduces the need for on-site storage lowering installation costs
  • Simplifies access and maintenance
  • Removes the need for direct man access to sewer manholes
  • Proven performance and reliability
  • Simple to install

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