Universal Gully
Introduction to the system

The ACO Universal Gully provides fast and simple connection between any channel up to 200mm bore width in the ACO channel drainage range.

The high capacity system can be used for silt management and also as an outlet for the drainage system.image

ACO Universal Gully is based on a three piece assembly; plastic base, top unit and grating and can be purchased with or without a gully bucket.

The ACO Universal Gully is manufactured from recycled plastic and available with either load class D 400 or F 900 ductile iron gratings and frames certified to BS EN 1433:2002.

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  • Ductile iron frame and slotted grating available in Load Class D 400 and F 900 to BS EN 1433:2002
  • Cutting guide to suit all ACO channels up to 200mm bore
  • Removable plastic silt bucket
  • Trapped outlet connection for 150mm super sleeve and 160mm UPVC pipe
  • Manufactured from recycled polypropylene
  • Optional connector for Ø450mm gullies


  • Provides fast and simple connection for all ACO channels up to 200mm bore width
  • Modular system
  • Access, outfall and silt management function
  • Manufactured from recycled materials

Recommended applications

  • Airports
  • Distribution yards
  • Industrial estates
  • Parking areas
  • Ports and docks
  • Retail developments

Not recommended applications

  • Domestic parking
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