Wildlife Kerb
Introduction to the system

The ACO Wildlife Kerb has been specially designed to allow amphibians to bypass gully gratings.

Amphibians in the carriageway naturally follow the line of the kerb, and when they reach a gully grid they normally fall through into the gully below, where they generally die of starvation. The ACO Wildlife Kerb features a bypass recess in the front face which the amphibians follow safely.image

The ACO Wildlife Kerb matches the standard half better profile, and its 915mm length means that it can be used to replace an existing standard BS kerb without the need for trimming.

The deep weight-reducing pockets at the back of the kerb ensure that they give a good key when the kerb is backfilled after installation.
The ACO Wildlife Kerb is manufactured from Vienite®, ACO’s recycled polymer concrete material.

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product gallery


  • High strength kerb unit
  • "Bypass pocket” set into kerb to stop amphibians from falling into the road gully
  • Matches the standard HB2 kerb profile


  • Provides safe route around road gullies for amphibians on the move

Recommended applications

  • Access roads
  • Highways
  • Residential developments
  • Distribution yards
  • Industrial estates
  • Nature conservation areas
  • Areas identified for mitigation measures

Not recommended applications

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