Nest Box
Introduction to the system

The ACO Nest Box for small birds forms a shelter which can be built into new or existing walls.

The ACO Nest Box has been designed to provide a sheltered nesting refuge for small birds, specifically Blue Tits. The box is three standard brick courses high and half a brick course in width, so is easy to build in to a wall during construction. Alternatively the box may be retrospectively built in, by cutting out a suitable area, or it can be fixed to the face of an existing wall.image

The protruding top lip acts as a weathershield and prevents rain running into the box from above. There are two drainage holes at the bottom of the front plate.

The top front plate is completely removable for inspection and cleaning. This should only be done when it is clear that the box is not in use.

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  • Nest box for small birds
  • Polymer concrete construction
  • Removable access plate for cleaning
  • Easily built into standard walls
  • Half-brick width, three courses high
  • 28mm access hole
  • Removable front panel
  • Weather resistant material


  • Provide roosting and nesting sites for wild birds
  • Can be retro fitted to existing buildings
  • Optimised for small birds such as Blue Tits
  • Can be opened for checking and cleaning
  • Long operational life
  • Can be fitted on sheds or trees

Recommended applications

  • Residential developments
  • Commercial developments
  • Schools

Not recommended applications

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  • Vienite - Recycled Material
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