Sport System 8400
Introduction to the system

ACO Sport System 8400 offers service boxes for easy access to power or internet at convenient locations around the stadium.

By using buried cables, event set up is quicker and trip hazards caused by trailing cables at the surface are minimised.image

The recessed lid allows for track material or artificial turf to be set into the lid providing a discreet look when the box is not in use.

The box is a high strength polymer concrete cable distribution box (600mm x 600mm x 600mm). The hinged lid is manufactured from galvanised steel and is certified to Load Class B 125.

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  • High strength services boxes
  • Services boxes manufactured from high strength polymer concrete


  • Provides easy access to power or internet services at chosen locations around the stadiums
  • Prevent trip hazards

Recommended applications

  • Running tracks
  • Stadiums
  • Any sport facilities which require access to under ground service connections

Not recommended applications

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