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New Telephone System

As our businesses continue to grow, so does the onus to provide efficient telephone access for our customers and suppliers. To support our growth and to ensure we remain an easily accessible Company, our telephone infrastructure is currently being modernised.


We will switch to a new telephone system during the morning of Wednesday 3rd December 2014 and although this should not affect you, it is important to highlight that during the actual changeover our telephone lines could be temporarily out of service.

This affects all calls to and from the ACO main number (01462 816666) and ACO direct dial lines (starting 01462 810***). The lines could be down at any point between 8.30am and 12.30pm and unfortunately, during that time, it will not be possible to leave any voice messages.

E-mail communication will remain active during this time.

Important notice for all ACO customers
Email and fax will still be available during this period and order placement and processing will not be affected. Mobile numbers for your local representatives will still be working and can be contacted in an emergency.

Important notice for all ACO suppliers
Email communication with all departments will still be available; however, fax lines for our HR, Finance and Distribution teams will be out of order at this point.

Changes to the ACO Building Drainage main contact telephone number
To ensure your calls are dealt with more efficiently, from Wednesday 3rd December the main contact telephone number for ACO Building Drainage will change to 01462 810400. Direct dial numbers for ABD staff will also change and these will be published by those individuals.

We look forward to your continued business.

Many thanks,
ACO Technologies plc


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