Flood resilience – are we making a difference?
Posted March 2014

Recent headlines have documented the effects of the latest UK flooding. While it is vital to keep a focus on the causes and possible cures for flooding it is also important to remember the impact it has on people and their communities.

imageThose that have been unfortunate enough to become victims of flooding, face a variety of challenges. There is plenty of evidence that shows how flooding can pose huge social and welfare problems. In fact, these issues can continue for extended periods of time not only because of the flooding itself but also because of the continuing secondary stressors that arise as people try to recover their lives, property and relationships.

While work needs to be done to assist the individuals and communities over the coming months it is also essential that there is an exhaustive examination into how these situations can be avoided in the future.

On occasions it has been suggested that no progress has been made by ‘those responsible’. However, in many cases, the reach of the flooding impact has actually been reduced and, it seems that this is largely the result of advances being made by the engineering and planning communities with flood defences and surface water management solutions being introduced. Perhaps there is a case to be made for looking more closely at what has been done well and how best this can be replicated and speeded up.

We have created an infographic, which illustrates the progress that is being made and the design solutions that are helping to create sustainable solutions.

Click on the link below to view the full infographic.

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